2016 Hokkaido Winter Holiday - Day 2 in Sapporo

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Heavy snow and strong wind continues Sapporo city since we reached. However snow did not stop us from exploring Sapporo. We walked in the snow to Ramen Yokocho to have our brunch. Ramen Yokocho is just a block away from Hotel Mercure Sapparo.

There was no crowd when I was there at 11am+. Maybe it's still early or maybe because of the heavy snow.

We ended up eating at the famous Teshikaga ramen 弟子庄. It's a small shop which can only hold not more than 10 guests at a time.

Order has to be done by the order machine, cash only. We ordered number 9 miso broth ramen with all best selection like crab, pork and etc from Hokkaido.

It's really yummy. We also ordered gyoza and that's very delicious too. Visit this restaurant if you are in Sapporo. It's pretty nice in my opinion and the price is reasonable.

After we finished our ramen, we moved on to Sapporo Whole Market aka Curb Market. The market is just 700m from Nijuyonken metro station.

Though it's just a short 700m journey, it was very cold along the way due to the snow. The seafood restaurant in Sapporo Wholesale Market, Kitano Gourmet, provides free shuttle bus service to and fro hotel and the restaurant. This service can be arranged with hotel. You can choose to drop off at Sapporo station on the way back.

Sapporo German Christmas Market is held every year end November to Christmas. It is just located at Odori Park 2-chome, somewhere near Sapporo TV Tower. It's just a short walk from Odori metro station.

A good place to hang out with many food stalls, souvenir stalls and Christmas decoration stalls.  


We went to this famous lamb BBQ in Sapporo for dinner, だるま本店 Daruma Honten. It is located in a small alley in between two buildings which can be missed easily.

Lamb is not common in Japan except Hokkaido as most Japanese do not take lamb. So this Genghis khan BBQ can only be found in Hokkaido.

We reached there at 5pm and a long line already formed. We waited about 30 mins for seat of 2.

It's a very small shop which can only fit not more than 10 people at a time. 2 of us were sitting so close (almost skin to skin contact) to the diner next to us, I have to sit further from the table so my man can have more space.

Your hair, your winter coat, yourself can be full of the BBQ smell after meal.

This restaurant serves only mutton, no other type of meat. I don't usually eat lamb because of the strong smell, but this one is really good and there is no funny lamb smell at all. Their menu is very simple, just 3 different kinds of lamb. Click on the link above, you will see the menu with pictures then.

It opens daily from 5pm to 3am. Avoid the usual dinner peak hour, come early if you want to try this out. The wait can be more than an hour during peak hour. You don't want to stand in the cold. Credit card is accepted.

Here is my Hokkaido trip video 

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