2016 Hokkaido Winter Holiday - Day 6 in Lake Toya

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Getting here and around

There is a direct bus service from Kutchan station 倶知安駅前 to Lake Toya 洞爺湖温泉 via Rusutsu. It's fast and no transfer is required, very convenient especially if you are carrying big luggage. Limited bus (only once a day) running for this service, it's recommended to check the schedule with Donan bus office at Kutchan station or you can visit Donan website for schedule. 

If you are taking JR train, you can also board Donan bus in front of Toya JR (Murora) station to Lake Toya. Note that limited train service running between Kutchan and Toya (Murora), the earliest in the morning starts at about 6 and the next one is in the afternoon. 

Where to stay in Lake Toya

The most popular place to stay around Lake Toya would be Toyako Onsen. It's a touristy onsen town sitting right alongside Lake Toya. Many luxury high end hotels with fantastic lake view rooms can be found there. A few popular choices are Lake View Toya Nonokaze, Toyako Manseikaku Lakeview Terrace and etc. You will see many tour groups here also, hotels can be fully booked sometimes.

Other than hotels, you can also find a few decent accommodations from Airbnb. My initial choice was actually staying at one of the Airbnb which is located in between Toyako town and Toyako Onsen town. When I was about to book, the owner changed the rule and minimum 2 nights stay is required during December.

What to do here

It's a small town, other than the strolling around Lake Toya, soaking in the onsen in your room and having buffet in your hotel, nothing much to see here. If you are driving, you can consider to pay a visit to Lake Hill Farm

This place is not worth to spend a night here in my opinion. The lake view is not bad but it's not like MUST visit that kind. If you are planning to come here, get yourself a good hotel, so you won't be bored. We stayed in Lake Toya Nonokoze Resort (ザレイクビューTOYA乃の風リゾート). 

Foot bath alongside Lake Toya

Shopping for Hokkaido dairy products.

Light tunnel, great for photo but quite lame actually.

Outside of the light tunnel.

Here is my Hokkaido trip video 

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