Journey to the last Shangrila, Bhutan - Gangtey Palace Hotel


It's beautifully located on Paro valley, overlooking Paro city and Paro Dzong. 

The view is unbeatable, it's even better than the view from Uma Paro hotel. It offers the best view I have seen in Bhutan. You may see it from google street view here.


Gangtey Palace Hotel is converted from an old palace so everything is pretty old. Only 1 radiator heater was provided, the changing area and the toilet was very cold. Cold air could flow in trough door gap from outside, I had to use extra blanket to block cold air from coming in at the room door entrance.

Kettle is provided but no cup no tea sachet provided.

Our room is at the first floor, just few steps away from reception. It's not noisy but no view since it's on the ground floor. 


Since this is a former palace hotel, don't expect swimming pool and gym room. Wifi is available but it didn't work during our 2 nights stay there and no TV in the room too. They know wifi is not working since 1 week before we came and their respond was like nothing they can do as they need to rewire the whole cable network. It's a terrible stay.

There is a temple at the top floor of central building, photography is allowed. Probably this is the only temple you can take picture in Bhutan.

Traditional Bhutanese exterior design

The bar. We did not visit the bar.


Food was ok and just like other 3-star hotel in Bhutan, dinner and breakfast (American breakfast) were served in buffet style with 4 - 5 dishes variety.


Generally the hotel staff are friendly. There was once we asked for power adapter but it is not available and we could not charge our mobile phone and camera battery. I don't blame the staff but I would blame the hotel instead. We did not have any problem finding a suitable power socket or power adapter in other 3-star hotel but why would we have problem in Gangtey Palace Hotel?


If you want a unique experience in an former royal residence, you can try Gangtey Palace Hotel. But don't expect much. This hotel has potential if hotel management can do something to refurbish the hotel.

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  1. I have always wanted to travel to Bhutan, this may have given me the inspiration to do so!