Journey to the last Shangrila, Bhutan - Hotel Lobesa Punakha


Hotel Lobesa is located somewhere near the famous Temple of Fertility, Chimi Lhakang (see my trip report here). It is sited on a slope which overlooking the paddy field and valley.

The wooden penis beside reception. It belongs to hotel owner and is available for sale at Nu 500 = USD 8.

There is a karaoke near hotel Lobesa. Everyone who visit Bhutan should go karaoke to experience Bhutanese night life.


The moment we entered our room, were like WOW the room is huge! It comes with a sitting area, a large bathroom and a balcony overlooking plantation field. Our room is located below reception floor. If possible, request to stay on higher floor


Wifi in room, cable TV


The owner is very friendly. My travel partner informed him about unstable wifi connection and he rectified the problem immediately. He also made a call to our room after he's done. There is no ironing board and iron in the room and he brought it to our room personally. Very attentive.

Staff will go to every room to offer help to carry luggage from room to reception floor in the morning. I saw how one of their staff (a small build girl) help our neighbor and carried a maybe 15kg luggage on her shoulder.


The dinner was served in buffet style. There were several dishes like fried fish, veggie, dumpling, chilli cheese and etc.

Breakfast was excellent with egg, toast, pancake, chilli cheese and it was also served in buffet style.


I spent one night in this hotel and it's a wonderful place to stay in Punakha. 3 star hotel with 5 star service. Highly recommended.

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  1. Hello! May I ask if you remember what type of electric plug they have in Lobesa hotel room?
    I understand that Bhutan use 3 types of plug, the thing is I have difficulty finding type D (India) adapter. Would be great if the hotel have type C or G.

    1. Hmm i don't quite remember. You can see the hotel room picture I shared in this post

      You save and zoom in to see how the plug looks like.