Weekend Bangkok Getaway - shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall

I didn't get enough of shopping in Bangkok when I visited there last year July. Soon after a month I came back, I planned another trip to Bangkok again in this February. I purposely made it before CNY so I could do my CNY shopping in Bangkok. Wink ~

There are many fantastic places you can shop in Bangkok, for example Pratunam market, Chatuchak market, Platinum fashion mall and MBK center (Mahboonkrong).


I have never been to Pratunam market and Chatuchak market, my friends told me that things sold in both markets are the same in Platinum mall. Platinum mall is like an air-conditioned version of Chatuchak market. There are more than 1700 shops selling fashion clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and even baby clothing.

I will cover my favorite Platinum fashion mall in this post.

Platinum fashion mall is the largest wholesale mall in Thailand. It attracts not just tourists but also locals especially young teenagers.

How to go Platinum mall?

Platinum fashion mall is located in the middle of Pratunam. The nearest BTS is probably Chidlom, 1 km distance, took me about 20 mins.

If you are looking for one stop shopping for cheap clothes, Platinum mall is the place you should visit. It is filled with many small shops selling mostly women clothing and accessories. Guys clothing only available at zone 1 & zone 2 4th floor.

How to shop in Platinum mall? 

Most of the time, shop owner will tell you 2 different price, 1 piece xxx Baht and wholesale xxx Baht. Wholesale price is the price when you buy 2 or more pieces from the same shop and that will save you about 20% lower per piece (in general). Most of the time mix and match different design is allowed in the same shop.

Trying is almost not possible in most shops, not even after you have made your payment. If the size doesn't fit you, you can always go back and exchange but no refund. There is fitting room in zone 1 & zone 2 ladies toilet.

Every shop sell different thing, they are all unique each shop. If you see something nice, don't hesitate and think that you can find it somewhere or you may not find it again.

Some shops accept credit card but 3% admin charge applies. It's best to pay by cash. If you don't feel like carrying too much Thai Baht, you can always exchange your home country currency at money changer outside of Platinum mall. There are at least 3 money changers (open on Sunday too) outside this mall.

What did I buy from Platinum mall?

Both shorts = 390 baht / both heels = 700 - 900 baht (I can't remember)

White top = 500 baht (from Siam Square) / both skirt = 300 baht / green top = 300 baht

Both tops = 190 baht

Denim dress = about 2000 baht (I got it from Lee @ Siam Square) / white top = 190 baht

Denim shorts = 390 or 490 baht (I can't remember) / pink shorts = about 300 baht / black top = 200 baht / yellow top = 200 baht

Black shorts = 100 baht / sandals (outside Platinum mall) = 100 baht / white shorts (outside Platinum mall) = 100 baht / white tee = 290 baht

There are 2 shops in Platinum I would definitely visit them if I come to Bangkok again.

Shop name: Delizia
Location: Zone 2, 2nd floor, Oxford 5, unit 429A
Tel no. 084-000-8144
What's great: their Korean style shorts quality is very good and of course it's cheap!

You can also view this floor plan here.

Shop name: Falathi-O
Location: Zone 3, 5th floor, Orchard D, unit 222 / 1395 / 5-79
What's great: high heels quality is good at affordable price

You can also view this floor plan here.

How much time did I spend in this mall?

I spent 1 and half day in this mall and yet I did not really visit every single shop. I will come back again. Haha.

There is a food court, Thai restaurant Yum Saap and souvenir shop at zone 1 & 2 6th floor.

Fried tofu

Pig skin salad

Tom yum soup
Platinum mall opens every day from 9am to 8pm, however most shops open after 10am or 11am and most of them close at 6:30pm. Wear comfortable and try to get there early to avoid afternoon crowd. This mall will packed with students in the afternoon.

The walkway outside of Platinum transform into a shopping street after 7pm. It worth a visit. I bought 3 bottles of aroma oil and a pair of sandal from there.

My loot for the entire trip

Naturelle contact lens was pretty good buy in Bangkok. I got it at $45 per box ($60 in Singapore).

Where can you stay if you want to visit Platinum mall?

The purpose of this trip was to shop till I drop so I choose to stay at Grand Diamond Suite Hotel which is just located beside Platinum fashion mall. There are a few hotels at this area, like Glow Hotel and Novotel Platinum. See my review on Novotel Platinum hotel.

The good thing about staying just beside Platinum mall is, I can always go back to the shop for exchange anytime! I can also dump all shopping bags before I move to somewhere else.

Shibuya Glow hotel, opposite Platinum fashion mall

Grand Diamond Plaza. Grand Diamond Suite hotel is just above this building.

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