Weekend Bangkok Getaway - food hunt at Pratunam area

Bangkok is not only famous for its cheap fashion clothes but also Thai food and street food! Here are the places we visited during our 4D3N weekend getaway in Bangkok.

1. Pratunam famous wanton noodle shop

Weird? Why didn't I eat Thai food but Chinese food instead? I'm open to anything so long as it is nice, so I don't mind to visit this famous restaurant.

I don't know the shop name at all since it's written in Thai. I googled "Pratunam famous wanton noodle, showed it to hotel staff and asked for direction. That's how I locate this shop.

It's just opposite Grand Diamond Plaza. Cross the overhead bridge and head to Shibuya 19 shopping mall direction, turn into Soi 19 (the first junction) on the way to Shibuya 19. Go straight in and you will see this famous noodle shop on your right.

You will see some people call it Sab x 2 wanton noodle shop when you google.

It opens every day from 9am to 3pm. We were there at about 2:30pm and we didn't need to wait for table. Wanton noodle still available but braised pork trotter already sold out at noon time. 

We skipped hotel breakfast and came here again the 3rd morning. It was a Sunday morning and very long queue when we were there. We waited about 15 mins for table (shared with others). 

One of the Thai female staff there can speak very good mandarin. Try to decide what you want when you in queue so you can place your order with her as soon as you sit down, she's very busy and you need to keep waving her come to you. 

We ordered 1 bowl of dry wanton noodle, 1 bowl of wanton noodle soup, 1 set of braised pork trotter and 1 white rice. Sound too much for you? No no, the noodle portion is actually very small, you can finish it in few bites. 

They claimed they are the number one wanton noodle in the world, 天下第一云吞面店. Well, I think you can find the same standard or even much better wanton in Malaysia or Singapore. It doesn't taste awful, it's quite good but it doesn't worth to spend time queuing.

This meal cost us less than 200 baht. 

2. Honggi BBQ 洪记烧烤

This BBQ restaurant is located at ground floor of Shibuya 19, beside MacDonald.

We wanted to eat seafood but didn't feel like to travel too far so we visited this place instead, opposite Grand Diamond plaza.

Oyster omelette

Seafood pad thai. This one is yummy!

Basil chicken

BBQ giant head prawn

Overall the food here is pretty nice but a bit more expensive compare to other street seafood stall.. This meal cost us about 1000 baht.

3. Som Tam Nua ส้มตำนัว สยามสแควร์

Som tam nua means green papaya salad in Thai. Som Tam Nua is one of the famous restaurants in Bangkok. There is always long queue outside waiting for table. To avoid this, we went there at 5pm and luckily there was no queue at all.

Pictures marked with stars are their signature dish. We ordered most of them! The table of 4 sitting next to us kept looking at our table, 4 of them ordered the same dishes as we ordered.

Somtam with peanut and dry shrimp, 75 baht. This taste so-so to me, but still worth trying.

Pork shoulder BBQ, 115 baht. The meat is tender and tasty. I love it!

Northeast style spicy soup with pork bone, 120 baht. Spicy looks too clear for you? Don't be deceived by its look, this soup is very hot.

Stir fried Thai rice flour noodle, 110 baht. Noodle texture is too soggy, I don't like.

Fried chicken, 150 baht. It's topped with fried garlic, very nice!

Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5 392/14 ซอยสยามสแควร์ 5 ถนนพระราม 1 แขวงปทุมวัน เขตปทุมวัน กรุงเทพฯ
Opening hours: 10:45am - 9:30pm

You should visit this restaurant if you are in Bangkok. 

4. Thai street food utside Central World

Thailand street food is one of my favorite. If you walk from Platinum mall to Central World, you will definitely pass by these food stalls just outside Central World.

This area is a shopping street during day time where it will be packed with clothes vendors. Street food vendors take over the place after 5pm. They close on Monday.

There are a few seafood stalls and they all sell the same thing. It seems like the one closest to Central World is the most famous, I always see people queuing for seats.

I didn't eat here but I ate the mango glutinous rice almost every night when I was in Bangkok.

It's only 100 baht and I was given 1 whole mango.

Other than mango glutinous rice, I have been searching for coconut ice cream. I know there's one in Pratunam area but I have no idea where it is. However, I was lucky enough to find it in the Central World inter food 2015.

I had it continuous 2 days. This dessert is best for hot weather in Bangkok!

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