Catch the aurora AGAIN - Day 9 & Day 10 in World Heritage City Bergen

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Day 9

I took Norwegian Air from Evenes airport to Bergen, via Oslo. Bergen was not in my plan initially as I planned to visit Zurich instead after Lofoten. My good friend stays in Bergen and I think I should pay her a visit since I'm going to Norway.

So I didn't plan anything for Bergen, I supposed she would do the planning. So I won't be sharing a lot of information about Bergen in this post.

She picked me up from Bergen airport and brought me to this church upon leaving Bergen airport, Fantoft Stave Church.

Day 10

This the airbnb we spent 2 nights in Bergen. It's located in central but a quiet neighbourhood.

Our breakfast. Canned mushroom soup, prawn mayo spread and croissant.

We walked to Fisketorget after breakfast. My friend told me this place is a tourist trap.

Some giant long leg crab

Really big

Seafood restaurant

We ordered 2 kinds of crab, snow crab and hmmm ... I don't remember but they were fresh and sweet.

Bryggen, the old wharf of Bergen

Floibanen, the funicular runs up to Mount Floyen. We didn't take it, we walked up to the hill instead.

Wild blueberry on the way up to the hill

It's edible

Wild raspberry

After an hour walk

We had dinner in this restaurant after hiking, Zupperia. It's somewhere in the Bryggen area. It serves Asian food (Thai & Vietnamese) and local Norwegian cuisine.

I ordered Zupperias Tapastallerken (kr 269) which comes with soup, sesame fried scampi, spring rolls, chicken skewers and Zupperia salad.

This is Havets Frukter (kr 229), local seafood selection in white wine, chili and garlic sauce.

Urtebakt Breiflabb (kr 269), local monk fish baked in oven, in white wine and mussel sauce. Recommended by the waitress.

Here is our Norway trip video.

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