Catch the aurora AGAIN - Day 2 in The Land of Fire and Ice (Golden Circle)

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Day 2

Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, known as the best hotdog in Iceland. Even former US president Bill Clinton visited this place in August 2004 while he was in Iceland for a conference.

I expected more from this hotdog stall after reading all high rating reviews but it was just so so.

I went to the Tryggvagata outlet. This outlet has longer operating hours. There is table and bench and you can sit there to enjoy your hot dog bread. It was drizzling so I just walked to my rental car and finish it in the car.

It is usually packed with tourists and locals but there was no queue when I was there.

I asked to have everything in it since there were no display explaining available topping. I guess there were mayo, ketchup, mustard, fried crispy onion, raw onion and hotdog (duh!!!!!!). It is sold at 400 krona each.

Though the hotdog taste all right to me, but this is definitely one of the iconic food in Iceland. You should try it if you happen to be in Iceland.

It's great for a quick bite and they accept credit card payment. 

After hotdog breakfast, I continued my journey to the super duper popular Golden Circle route. Many tourists will do a day trip from Reykjavik. This famous 300km route covers a few awesome landmarks such as Thingvellir National Park, Strokkur Geyser, Gullfoss Waterfall and Kerio Crater Lake.

Well this was the plan but something happened and screwed up the whole plan. I didn't get to visit these places in the end. Fxxx.

I key in Thingvellir national park coordinate (64.2581° N, 21.1250° W which I google it) into GPS but it led us to nowhere (somewhere near road 518) in the end. We lost our way and wasted 3 hours went back to Reykjavik town. We left hotdog stand at about 11am, by then we reached Reykjavik after the wrong turn it was already 2pm. Our destination of the day was Kirkjubæjarklaustur and we didn't want to drive after sunset (from Reykjavik to Kirkjubæjarklaustur take about 4 hours and 30 mins), it was not possible for us to restart the whole plan. So Golden Circle just missed out completely from our Iceland trip. What a waste right? Never mind, this is what a road trip should be and another reason to revisit Iceland next time. But I'm still quite pissed about this. 

Actually I feel GPS is pretty useless, a SIM card with data plan (buy SIM card from KEF international airport duty free. It opens 24 hours is more than enough. It's easier to use keyword to locate the place in google map than using coordinate in GPS.

Very bad weather. This was also one of the reason that slow us down on the road.

There are quite a few supermarkets on the way from Reykjavik to Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Bonus supermarket is probably the most well known and the easiest supermarket can be found in Iceland. You will see their unique pink pig flag in front of the supermarket. Very easy to spot them.

Whenever the tank is half empty, we would try to fill it up as soon as we passed by gas station. It is important to remember your credit card PIN number so you can use self service pump in Iceland. We didn't know our credit card PIN, we tried using debit card (we know the PIN) but it didn't work. Then we met some tourists, we thought we could give them cash and use their credit card to pay for the petrol but they didn't know their credit card PIN number too. No choice, we had to drive 50km to another petrol station. For your info, credit card PIN (option is available) is not common in Singapore, we usually sign on the bill when we pay instead of using PIN.

After few hours drive, finally we arrived (at 8pm) the cabin we rented in Kirkjubæjarklaustur. This was our dinner, mushroom soup and laksa fried rice!

Here is our Iceland trip video.

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