Catch the aurora AGAIN - Day 7 in Lofoten, world's most beautiful island

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Day 7

We checked out from Eliassen Rorbuer at 11am.

We cooked our breakfast in this fully equipped kitchen. You can choose to bring your linens to save some money. I didn't do that and it's not possible for me to bring linens (100 nok per person) all the way from Singapore.  

You can also choose to do the cleaning and save 300 nok. The "cleaning" that we are talking about here is not that simple, you have to vacuum the floor, you have to use detergent to wash the toilet and empty the bin. They will charge you if you don't (if you didn't opt for the cleaning thing) or if they find the cabin is not clean enough.

Dining area

Living room

It's such a scenic place. Beautiful location and excellent place to stay. There are about 34 cabins here.

Our second day in Lofoten, we drove from Hamnøy to Kabelvåg and that's a 2 hours drive. Along the way, we visited Henningsvær, Stamsund and Nusfjord these fishing villages.

If I'm not wrong, this should be the drying rack to air dry cod fish, but October doesn't seem to be the fish drying season in Lofoten.

We met this guy in a fishing village (I forgot where but it was somewhere between Nusfjord and Hamnøy. He caught a cod fish but he didn't want it, so he offered us but we rejected his kind offer. He then put back the cod into the sea. There goes our cod fish dinner, I think we are stupid to reject him.

Nusfjord, it's one of the oldest and well preserved fishing village. It was the most important fishing village in Lofoten in the past.

We had lunch at Johnsen's Fiskerestaurant in Leknes. Their fish dish was really good.

Cod tongue. Taste nice but a bit disgusting if eating too much, I felt like to vomit. Maybe because I was pregnant.

Henningsvær, very beautiful fishing village.

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell, open water and mountain in front of our cabin. Living room window is facing north, we could actually spot northern lights directly from living room.

We arrived after reception opening hours, they left our cabin key in the letter box outside the lobby. Reception staff came back at 9pm to settle payment. There were only 3 cabins occupied out of 30 cabins that night, sound creepy. 1 of them was actually occupied by their guard, so at least there was someone there if anything happened.

Choose the cabin facing open water, cabin number 1 to 18.

This 2-bedrooms, double storey cabin (cabin number 16) is well designed, decorated and clean. 2 bedrooms are located upstairs, each with 2 single beds which can be put together. Kinda inconvenient to come down the stairs to bathroom in the middle of the night (especially cold night) but this didn't really bother me.

We were lucky to see another fantastic aurora show. It was magical!

Aurora show lasted a few hours.

Here is our Norway trip video.

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  1. Really nice blog - I enjoyed reading it. And you've visited so many places that are on my bucket list I'm inspired now.

  2. hi.. i'm so interested in your Scandinavia trip. May i know how much is your trip cost as your itinerary didn't mention any cost.

    1. Hi Yvonne, the cost estimation is at the end of the blog entry.

      Iceland + Norway -
      Finland + Sweden -

      Budget/pax (in SGD)
      Air ticket 2010
      Accommodation 1297
      Car rental 550
      Petrol 250
      Meals 1000
      Other transport 100
      Misc 300
      Total SGD5507

      SIN – Helsinki/ Stockholm SGD1700
      HEL – Rovaniemi €99
      HEL – Tallinn €92
      Hotel €562
      Local transport €120 = SGD200
      Travel insurance SGD84
      Food 16 (5 meals provided by hotel) meals*SGD40/meal = SGD640
      Rides (husky + northern + snowmobile + Santa park + palace entrance) = €374 = SGD830
      Misc SGD292
      Total SGD5000

      Though this is estimation but it's pretty close to actual cost. I spent 5k per person for the Finland trip and 5k plus for Iceland trip

    2. ahh.. thanks alot Iva. that's really cost a lot for a Malaysian like me to travel there :( probably i select a few destination to save up some cost

    3. Hi Yvonne, actually SGD3-4k is enough for Iceland + Norway trip. I engaged a photographer when I was in Iceland and that cost quite a bit. If you self drive, stay airbnb, cook your own meal, no tour activity, you will not need SGD5k to explore these places.

    4. Hi Iva, Thanks for your recommendation. Your pictures is amazing. So nice to have a photographer to take your pictures. I been to Bergen over the weekend. I love their sceneries. So i plan to travel to other Scandic countries but does not have much info and mostly from Westerner. I'm glad i bump into your blog. It's very hard to find an Asian blog in English for the Scandinavia trip. :)

    5. Hi Yvonne, all photos on my blog were taken by myself. The photographer I engaged in Iceland was a local tour guide who knows where the best place to take pictures and he also taught me a lot of photography tips. Hope my blog posts are helpful enough for your trip planning.

    6. Yeah it does helps. I will refer to your blog as a guideline for my upcoming trip :) Btw, will it be difficult to travel or self drive in Iceland / Norway for sight seeing & catch the aurora without engaged in a local tour guide? Especially when i want to pull over for awhile and take some pictures along the way?

    7. In Iceland and Norway, you drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left. Do not pull over to the side of the road for a quick photo even though there is no car around, it's very dangerous!!! There are many farm entrance, side road, information stop where you can pull off your car. Drive slow and safe if you are not familiar with the place. There was a time we drove on the opposite side after a right turn and oncoming traffic was approaching, we were so panic!

      To hunt the light yourself, just drive out of city, away from light pollution.