Chasing The Northern Lights - Day 8 (Rovaniemi)

  • Saturday, January 10, 2015
  • By Iva Wen

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Day 8

Check out from Rantasipi Pohjanhovi hotel

We checked out at 11:30am and took the transport at 12 noon to Rovaniemi town which offered by Arctic Snow Hotel at 15 euro per pax.

We went back to Rantasipi Pohjanhovi hotel, not to collect our luggage which we left last night, but to add more bags (those we brought to Arctic Snow Hotel) instead and Rantasipi hotel allowed us, how kind of them.

Lunch @ Nili Restaurant

As of day 8, we had not tried the famous Lappish reindeer meat yet. we decided to eat something good at Nili Restaurant. It's well known and popular among tourists.

It is located in the middle of the town, just 5 minutes walk from Rantasipi hotel. 

Nili restaurant doesn't look special from outside but the moment when we entered in to the restaurant, we just ... wow ... this place is nicely decorated and very cozy.

The portion is not huge but we were pretty ok with that.

Take a look at their menu here.

Some free entree

Nili's cep kuksa - mushroom soup 9.90 euro

King crab soup 12.80 euro

Traditional sauteed reindeer. It comes with mashes potato, pickled cucumber and homemade berry sauce 21.20 euro

If you happen to be in Rovaniemi, you should visit this restaurant. Their Finnish menu worth a try. If you are looking for local specialties, this is the place. This restaurant is not cheap but I would not call it expensive, it's Scandinavia, it's northern Europe, it's Finland.

When we were there, many diners walked in and requested to make reservation. If you are interested, you can reserve a table through their website. They are open from Monday to Sunday 12pm - 11pm.

Off to the airport

This airport taxi departs from Rovaniemi bus station to airport 1 hour and 10 minutes before departure of every flight. This can be very dangerous and you might miss your flight. Our flight departed from Rovaniemi at 6:30pm, Finnair bag drop counter closed at 5:30pm and this airport taxi picked us at 5:15pm. Do you think we can make it to airport before 5:30pm? Obviously not! In fact, we asked our hotel reception staff if 1 hour and 10 mins before flight departure time is enough and their answer is yes. We reached airport at 5:40pm and luckily we still managed to check in our luggage, I think we were the last passengers. I overheard the conversation between Finnair check in counter staff and another passenger (who took the same airport taxi with us), Finnair had actually feedback to this airport taxi company many times that the pick up time (from town to airport) is not enough.

Bus number 8 go to airport first before Santa Claus Village. You may consider this option instead of airport taxi. It is better to check with your hotel and they will show you the time table.

Click here for airport taxi information.

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