How To Save Money on Low Cost Carrier

Low cost carriers are getting popular nowadays and people don't mind traveling with them especially for weekend getaway. Budget airline tickets are cheaper but you can still save more with the tips mentioned below.

Try to buy air tickets well in advance

At least 3 months in advanced or best, 6 months before your departure date. Skyscanner provides you a chart which you can compare fare difference across the whole year.

Also, avoid flying during peak season (school holiday, major holiday). If you need to, buy air ticket much in advanced. I bought air ticket to Japan from Scoot 10 months before departure.

Don't fly on Friday

Generally air ticket is cheaper departing on Thursday or Saturday and returning on Tuesday. Friday evening is always the most expensive and flight on Wednesday day is usually the cheapest.

Travel with hand luggage only

For a weekend getaway, you don't need to carry big luggage. If you need one, make sure it is within carry on baggage limit. I usually bring a cabin size luggage when I fly out and opt for the minimum baggage size, for example 15kg, on my way back.

Jetstar: 1 main carry on baggage and other small hand carry item 56cm x 36cm x 23cm and total combined weight not more than 7kg
Scoot: 1 piece of up to 54cm x 38cm x 23cm 7kg + 3kg if a laptop is carried
Tigerair: 2 pieces of carry on 54cm x 38cm x 23cm and total combined weight not more than 10kg

Weigh your luggage before you leave home.

Do web-check in if it's available

Seat is usually assigned automatically when you do web-check in. You can save your seat fee on this. If someone is sitting in between you and your friend when you do web-check in, close your browser and come back again for web-check in after others have taken up that seat. Web-check in is usually available 72 hours before departure.

No add on

If you don't mind sitting separately from your travel companion, don't buy your seat in advance then. Seat will definitely assign to you when you do web-check in or counter check in. Forget about priority check in, you are just wasting your money on all these.

Eat before flying, bring empty bottle

Food is sold extremely expensive in the plane, that's how budget airline earn money. Eat before boarding. Bring an empty water bottle and fill in water at the drinking fountain prior boarding. 

Try not to pay with credit card

Credit card payment usually comes with booking fee and service fee.

  • Tigerair: $9 per person per way
  • Scoot: : $9 per person per way 
  • Jetstar: $17 per guest per booking. 

You can save all these money simply by choosing other payment methods.

  • Tigerair: pay at AXS $5 booking fee
  • Jetstar: pay at 7-11 $1 per person per booking, pay at Singpost or via SAM no booking fee or service fee
  • Scoot: pay at Singpost no booking fee 

Check before booking

Budget airline might not be the cheapest sometimes. I will always check or other airlines' webpage for the latest promotion.

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